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About Us

About ADEI

The Automobile Dealer Education Institute (ADEI) is a non-profit program whose mission is to  train men and women for successful dealership careers in the DC metro region.  Our main focus is training automotive technicians.  Our technician training program is a registered apprenticeship program in DC, Maryland and Virginia.  ADEI is currently training over 75 auto tech apprentices around the region in addition to its other job placement and employee training functions. 

ADEI is part of the Washington Area New Automobile Dealers Association (WANADA), a non-profit trade association with over 200 franchised new car dealership members in the Washington area.  In addition to the ADEI, WANADA provides benefits for car dealership employees and operates The Washington, DC Auto Show. 

What ADEI Does

We find you a job at a local dealership where you have the support of our program coordinators and a mentor in the shop.

You work 5 days per week with an average starting pay of $16-17/hr, depending on experience.
You attend class on one of your days off. Our training sites are in Rockville, MD, Camp Springs, MD and Alexandria, VA.
After two years, you have the education and experience to become an ASE certified master technician.

Meet Our Staff

Joe Koch

Vice President

(202) 821-5824

As WANADA’s Vice President of Operations, Joe Koch oversees all aspects of the ADEI, including fundraising, college relationships and dealership coordination.  Please reach out to Joe if you are interested in supporting ADEI through a tax-deductible financial or vehicle contribution.  

Joe Hemberger

Director of Education

(267) 346-1700

As WANADA’s Director of Education, Joe Hemberger operates the ADEI on a day-to-day basis.  Call Joe if you are interested in learning more about ADEI as a student or a dealer, as he will be happy to help you find a job or connect you with an apprentice to fill a job opening you may have.  Joe has many years of experience in the automotive industry, including advising shops on their operational practices, training staff, mentoring techs, and is himself a certified master technician. 

Training Locations

Montgomery College

Gudelsky Institute for Technical Education
1264 Hungerford Drive
Rockville, MD 20850

Northern Community College

5000 Dawes Avenue

Alexandria, VA 22311-5097

Crossland High School

6901 Temple Hill Road

Camp Springs, MD 20748

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