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The ADEI Technician recruiting, training & monitoring service is a comprehensive and cost effective program developed by WANADA members to identify and develop future service technicians and strengthen existing ones.

Unique in the industry, the ADEI Technician recruiting & training service:

  1. Pre-screens and interviews future technicians for you.
  2. Arranges for their structured classroom, shop and manufacturer specific interactive curriculum and on-the-job training.
  3. Continuously monitors and reports on their progress over the entire length of the training program to insure successful passage of relevant ASE tests.
  4. Provides your technician with a set of tools upon successful completion of 60 days of in-dealership work and class participation.
  5. Guarantees your dealership a dependable, productive employee for a fraction of normal costs.

Here’s how it works:

ADEI identifies a candidate with promising technical aptitude (you can also nominate a promising employee in your dealership) and your dealership provides a full-time entry-level position and a mentor for the candidate. The candidate works under the supervision of the mentor and attends tech-training classes one day per week at a local NATEF-certified community college. Instruction consists of four key modules, which are taken one per semester. Each candidate also has his or her own manufacturer-specific training program. Completion of all four modules (a two-year process) provides the competency needed for participants to successfully pass the ASE Certification exams required to become an ASE Master Technician.

WANADA staff regularly visits and communicates with the candidate, the college instructors, key dealership personnel and the mentor over the entirety of the 2-year program, to insure all are working together toward their mutual goal.

Your $ Investment, Your $$$ Return:

The dealership investment for the ADEI recruiting, training, monitoring service is $1,000 per semester, which helps defray the cost of tuition, ASE-certified instructors and approved curriculum at state-of-the-art training facilities. Your return on this investment is near immediate as the addition of a reliable “C-D” technician, or the enhanced productivity of a better-trained, existing technician has consistently been shown to boost gross service department profits by as much as $500 in the first month of participation.

The ADEI technician-training program is also approved for veterans’ benefits. Tuition fees are eligible for tax deductions in various tax jurisdictions.

For more information contact ADEI at WANADA headquarters

5301 Wisconsin Ave., NW, Suite 210
Washington, DC 20015